Where I come from and what I am doing

My name is Giacomo Garaffoni, I was born in Cesena, in 1981. I am an author, theatre director and artist.

My research aims to be an observatory on the void. An emotional glance through what remains in the contemporary world after the collapse of identity. I subtract images, words and codes to collective memory, in an attempt to corrupt them, through the tools of language. This is why I claim that I write tragedies.

I started my career as an actor and performer, with various theater groups and directors (Teatro Valdoca, Societas Raffaello Sanzio, Romeo Castellucci, Silvia Costa and others). I have taken part in some of the most important festivals across Europe. In 2016 I contributed to found We Reading, one of the most important Italian associations related to public reading, with which I have organized and produced festivals and plays throughout the country. In 2020 I founded Indocile Collettivo together with Michele Ambroni (visual artist) and Sofia Rossi (set designer), an investigation project around the encounter between visual and performing arts. Our debut, Cassandra, il diritto di parlare (Municipality of Cesena, FAI – Fund for the Italian Environment) was acquired by the national permanent collection of the Emilia – Romagna Region (Call for young contemporary art 2020). In April 2021 I was shortlisted by the Biennale Teatro di Venezia 2021 as a finalist in the call for Best new Italian Authors under 40.

I am currently on tour with with the site specific work Cassandra, il diritto di parlare that investigates violent female psychiatry of the early 1900s. An experience, the result of an in-depth study on the Italian asylum archives, carried out together with the researcher Annacarla Valeriano (Malacarne – Donzelli – Ed 2017), a subtle reflection on the border between vision and madness.


In July 2021 i’ve been awarded by Biennale di Venezia as Best new Italian Theatre Author for the 2021/22, with my new work, Veronica, which will debut as a mise en espace at the Biennale Teatro 2022.

I am also the artistic director of scAtti 2021, a festival of visual and performing arts in Cesena. In synergy, among others, with SI Fest and MAGMA.

I am currently working on the ambitious project “I just want the bones“, a theatrical and literary staging dedicated to the sad story of Cristina Golinucci, a girl who disappeared without a trace in 1992, supported by ERT – Emilia Romagna Teatro.