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What I’m workin on

My job is to write tragedies and hear voices, I try to do it with as much care and attention as possible. That’s I like to talk about what I do. I sincerely believe in the mystery of language and silence. My research has the difficult goal of being looked at by people with a deep emotional gaze. This is why I sink my hands into the fabric of collective memory, this is why I try to inhabit the world of images with respect and emotion.

Voglio soltanto le ossa

(I only want the bones)

is my next theatrical and literary project. Cristina Golinucci, a girl who disappeared outside a convent on September 1, 1992 at the age of 21, will be the center of the work.

What remains of Cristina today? What questions does such absence pose to a community? What happens to Cristina’s identity when it becomes just a photo in all the stations in Italy, a diary, an image and a canon? What form does the pain of those who remain staring at that void? How did we dare to silently lose one of us?

From these questions arise a theatrical creation and a novel that will not be a work of inquiry, but an artistic and poetic journey for Cristina, for a girl, a work that speaks of her and not just of her memory. Let him show it on stage, let him feel the mystery and pain that surrounds it. A project that continually tries to disobey what is not there.

A work supported by ERT – Emilia Romagna Teatro Foundazione, with the patronage of the Municipality of Cesena and the collaboration of We Reading and Penelope ONLUs Italia.


L’ombra e la grazia

(The shadow and the grace)

Will be a thirty-one day long moment in the form of a festival. An opportunity to work inside the deconsecrated church of the Santo Spirito in Cesena. A path of encounter, comparison, conferences, exhibitions, events and performative moments on the feminine, on grace, on the shadows of violence, on the concept of victim and on the attempt to bring light where there seems to be no more.

While working on Voglio soltanto le ossa (I only want the bones), my next show and novel, I decided, as an author and as an artist, not to ignore the darkness and dramatic relevance of the theme I have chosen to tackle. This is why I immediately decided to link the production process to a strong openness to the public. A strong sign that can question the role of art and culture with respect to the dark universe of broken relationships and gender-based violence. I truly believe that there is the possibility and the need to create cultural paths that have a real life within the community that generates them.

The project is sponsored by the Municipality of Cesena and supported by We Reading, the University of Bologna and Penelope ONLUs Italia.

Alongside the theatrical production as an author and director, I have an artistic path of a more experimental and wild nature, within the side project “Indocile Collettivo(something unruly and wild, seems to be the closest translation) together with the visual artist Michele Ambroni and the set designer Sofia Rossi. The intent of Indocile is to continue the research in the direction in which the performative act irreparably corrupts every artefact exhibited. In an attempt to shorten the distance between live action, site specific installation and museum work.



Il diritto di parlare

(Cassandra. The right to speak.)

The debut project of Indocile Collettivo is a single body of work, made up of a performance and an exhibition, which change from time to time to meet the place and space that hosts this reflection on violent psychiatry from the early 1900s in Italy. The research behind the project focuses on the photographic and clinical archive of the Italian asylum departments, a path carried out in collaboration with the researcher Annacarla Valeriano (Malacarne – Donzelli ed. 2017, Ita).

Cassandra is a seer, she refused Apollo who spit on her lips and condemned her to go unheard. Cassandra C. was a real patient, taken away from her children and interned in a mental hospital in 1929. On the front of the medical record, under the photo of the woman, the symptoms are specified: talkative, chatty, nervous, unruly, bad mother. Cassandra’s experience is a fall towards what is abandoned, unruly, wild and only apparently forgotten.

The project is produced by the FAI – Italian Environment Fund, by the Municipality of Cesena, with the support of We Reading and Rad’Art Project.

A first series of works drawn from the work was selected and acquired from the permanent collection of the Emilia – Romagna Region District as part of the 2020 Young Contemporary Art Acquisition Award (commission chaired by Gloria Bartoli, Walter Guadagni and Marco Pierini). This is the first time that an author’s play is exhibited in its entirety as a work of art within a national museum.