Read full bio In 2022 I wrote and directed I just want the bones. Production by ERT Emilia Romagna Theatre. In 2021 I won the Call for Authors of the Venice Biennale with the text Veronica. In the same year I won the Young Contemporary Art Award from the Emilia Romagna Region.
My name is Giacomo Garaffoni,
I am a writer and theater director.
I sincerely believe in mystery and silence.
I write tragedies, hear voices and try to
with as much care and attention as possible. +39 347 4193025 Instagram
Read more Text and direction Giacomo Garaffoni
Production: Ert Emilia Romagna Teatro
With: Livia Rossi and Alice Torriani
Scenography: Sofia Rossi
I just want the bones On September 1, 1992, outside the convent of the Capuchin Friars of Cesena, Cristina Golinucci disappears without leaving a trace. I just want the bones it is a show inspired by his absence. A human and deeply moved fresco. +39 347 4193025 Instagram
Buy Tickets *Testo vincitore del Bando Autori 2021 della Biennale di Venezia.
From the direction of the Ubu Prize Federica Rosellini,
Inspired by the winning text of the 2021 call for authors of the Venice Biennale. Venice Biennale, 20 and 21 June. Premiere debut. Production: Venice Biennale, Teatro Manini in Narni. Veronica +39 347 4193025 Veronica begins the day after a tragedy. Veronica is a marriage.
Veronica crosses a theater, the one of today, new and at the same time in ruins.This reflection on mourning and a purer form of love becomes an anthropological journey towards the most primitive form of representation of the body.

Read more A journey along the fine line between clairvoyance and madness. Between the fall of the walls of Troy and an abandoned asylum. A feminine, rejected and thrown away, returns the echo of early 1900s violent psychiatry. Cassandra +39 347 4193025 Performance e installazione site specific
Giacomo Garaffoni, Michele Ambroni, Sofia Rossi
Produzione: Fai - Fondo Italiano per l’Ambiente,
Regione Emilia Romagna