From where and to what.

Born in Cesena in 1981. Writer and director. His theater is an observatory on emptiness and lack, which subtracts images, words and codes from collective memory; giving back what he took after contaminating it and irreparably marking it. A journey between ancient and contemporary tragedy, which continuously blends the languages ​​of theater, visual arts and literature. His career begins by collaborating and training with big names in Italian and European theater (Romeo Castellucci, Societas Raffaello Sanzio, Teatro Valdoca, Motus, Julien Gosselin, Joao Fiadeiro, Enrique Vargasand other)


Winner of Call for Authors from the Venice Biennale 2021 with the original textVeronica. Winner of Young Contemporary Art Award 2021 of theEmilia Romagna region. Call winner Across the Sea 2023, project ofMinistry of Culture Italian and a group of national bodies, among which stand outMarche TheatreIt is Milan Triennale. finalist of Scenario Award 2013 with Silvia Costa. In 2012 he was invited byRomeo Castellucci to participate in the project Cadmus, promoted by BNP Paribas, and showed his work at International Theater Festival IKSV Of Istanbul and at Avignon Festival.


In November 2023 he made his debut at the historianAlessandro Bonci Theatre of Cesena the production ERT Emilia Romagna Theater Foundation, I just want the bones. A work, written and directed by Garaffoni, starring the actressesAlice Torriani It is Livia Rossi. An ambitious fresco, with a strong visual impact, which after more than three years of research and writing, aims to make a breakthrough on the narration of a news story, the story of the disappearance of Cristina Golinucci, a girl who vanished into thin air on September 1, 1992 outside the Convent of the Capuchin Friars of Cesena. The approach to what is real precipitates an emotional descent, which sees the public as a direct witness of the collapse of personal identity and of the great mystery represented by absence and lack.


In June 2023 he made his debut at Venice Biennial with his text Veronica, directed by Federica Rosellini (Ubu Award 2021), the scenes of Paola Villani (Ubu Award 2022) and with the production of the Biennale itself and the Narni Festival. The first study of the same project was produced by theSmall Theater from Milan. Veronica is a classic tragedy, which gives shape to an everyday tragedy, on a disturbing point of balance between mourning and gestation five female figures move on a journey of no return towards a new family, far from an inhospitable contemporary world.


In 2020, together with the visual artistMichele Ambroni and the set designerSophia Rossi, founded Indocile Collective, with which he starts an experiment on the deed performative as a fundamental and unrepeatable moment of creation of artistic artefacts. In the same year he wrote and interpretedCassandra, the right to speak. Performance and exhibition produced by FAI Fund for the Italian Environment and from Emilia Romagna region. This site specific project crosses the abandoned Italian asylums and closes its path in the context ofParma Capital of Culture 2021. Here Garaffoni exhibits for the first time the 13 tables that make up the text of the performance and which resultthe first time that an integral dramaturgy is exhibited in the form of a work of art.


In the recent years, while continuing his authorial work, continues the historic collaboration with Romeo Castellucci, with which it participates in the entire production of Bros (2021) and for which he is a movement assistant in performance Milan(2021), produced by Milan Triennale. There are also several forays, between performing arts and visual arts, into the works of as many international artists, including Salvatore Vitale, Yuri Ancarani, Alex Majoli It is Cesura Collective.


Today he continues his commitment to writing about emptiness, lack and everything we spend a lifetime trying to forget. In the constant attempt to contaminate that shared cultural archive that we call memory.